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Professional photo of Spencer Acadia. Spencer is wearing a light green shirt and dark gray jacket against a gray background.

a bit about me...

Welcome to my site.


Currently (and since 2020), I work as an assistant professor in the Research Methods and Information Science department at the University of Denver in Colorado. Previously, I worked for 10 years as an academic librarian. In addition to an MLS degree, I have a PhD in sociology, as well as an MA and BA in psychology.

I am seeking new full-time, remote opportunities where I can leverage my years of library and information science (LIS) experience, both as a practicing librarian and university professor.

I am open to roles that involve developing and managing library and information content; conducting research and analysis; writing, editing, publishing, and developing scholarly and educational content; and LIS-related consulting.

My primary interests in research are:


  • Libraries as dysfunctional organizations and workplaces

    • Most recent book: Libraries as Dysfunctional Organizations and Workplaces

  • LIS in, for, and about the Arctic and North​

    • Most recent book: Library and Information Studies for Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities

    • The next planned book: Library and Information Science for Arctic and Northern Studies

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